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Lavi Picu

Lavi Picu

Artiste ou artisan·e · Pointe-Saint-Charles

Artistic Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, I explore the intersection of visual art and poetry, to shed light on the often invisible and misunderstood symptoms of Lyme disease. Through acrylic paint, ink, charcoal, mixed media, poetry, or even sculpture, I delve into the nuanced experiences of those affected by this debilitating illness, capturing the physical and emotional complexities that often go unnoticed.

My work serves as a vehicle for raising awareness, offering a glimpse into the daily struggles and resilience of individuals battling Lyme disease. By using different mediums, I seek to evoke empathy, spark dialogue, and foster understanding of the often overlooked aspects of these conditions, ultimately advocating for greater recognition and support for those impacted.


Lavi Picu is a versatile interdisciplinary artist, with a background in Linguistics, translation, and writing. Armed with a passion for creative expression and a profound mission as a Lyme disease advocate, she wears multiple hats: emerging self-taught visual artist, poet, ghostwriter, blogger, and chronic illness advocate.

With a keen eye for detail and a love for experimentation, Lavi harnesses the power of painting, drawing, and poetry as alternative forms of self-expression and pain management therapy for Lyme disease.

Her artistic journey is deeply rooted in personal experience, having battled Lyme for over a decade. This journey serves as the cornerstone of her mission: to shed light on the invisible symptoms of chronic Lyme disease through multiple mediums.

Lavi's artistic process is a testament to her resilience and introspection. She delves into the intricate interplay of ink doodles and neurographic art techniques, crafting semi-abstract compositions, or creates a visceral world using acrylics, revealing glimpses into the complex web of symptoms and sensations that define her journey. Each artwork becomes a visual diary, inviting viewers to navigate the physical and emotional terrain of chronic illness alongside her.

Driven by a desire to foster understanding and validation, Lavi's work serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Through her unique artistic language, she gives form to the invisible, inspiring others to find strength in their own struggles and sparking dialogue about the often overlooked realities of chronic illness.

  • Arts visuels et médiatiques
  • Littérature et poésie